The Truly Ecumenical Pope

As usual Orson Scott Card says something better than I could ever hope in his World Watch column Why I Miss Karol Wojtyla:

John Paul II, more than any other Pope, united, in feeling if not in fact, Christians who take the divine Redeemer seriously. That’s the “ecumenical movement” that means something, in my opinion.

Even though I am not a Mormon or a Catholic, I feel the greatest kindred spirit with those Christians whose faith demands (quoting Orson Scott Card’s column again)

…some real and rational degree of sacrifice, obedience, and adherence to faith…

so to Karol Wojtyla and Orson Scott Card I can only follow with an simple Amen.

Robert Martin hits the nail on the head about craftsmanship

Robert Martin, of XP fame, really hit the nail on the head in this [ article].

His basic premise is that what the industry needs is more craftsmanship and professionalism, and not another silver bullet to go chasing after.

I may post his last paragraph to my cube wall. Part of it reads:

I hope the next big thing is the growth of professionalism and craftsmanship, and the realization that these are the attributes, not documented process or raw manpower, that will make our industry productive, accurate, and respected.