NetSnagger is a free Classic MacOS URL utility designed to simplify URL
management and digest surfing. NetSnagger requires System 7.1 through System 9 with Drag & Drop, and, if your current version of MacOS didn’t come with an Internet Control Panel, please use InternetConfig1.1 (download).

NetSnagger is designed to make your Internet browsing easy. By allowing
it to store all your URL’s in tiny desktop files and using InternetConfig
to launch them, you can use NetSnagger to open any type of URL
(including WWW links, ftp sites, newsgroups, and gopher) from the
finder with just a double-click. In addition, NetSnagger also
allows you to create drag and drop documents (Draggers) which
allow you to drop pathnames onto a partial URL. Using this utility
to can start a number of files downloading from a digest (like
the info-mac digest) in seconds.

The current version of NetSnagger is 1.1b5 (download).

Release History


Changed for 1.1b5 on 27-Aug-1997:

  • Various minor cosmetic changes.
  • Finished window greying.
  • Get info now supports URL clicking and drag & drop out.
  • No know bugs left.
  • Tested under MacOS 8.


Changed for 1.1b4 on 30-Jul-1996:

  • Again tried to make selection deactivation/activation work properly.
  • Fixed memory trashing problem when using “Preferences” window.
  • Updated snail mail address in documentation file.
  • Added “greying” of NetSnagger document windows, this color can be customized by editing the ‘wctb’ resource with a resource editor like ResEdit.
  • Updated description of file format to mention “URL” save preference.
  • Fixed crash on exit (also memory problem).


Changed for 1.1b3 on 17-Jan-1996:

  • Made selection deactivation work properly
  • Made sure cursor is reset when NetSnagger is brought to front.


Changed for 1.1b2 8-Dec-1995:

  • Fixed bug in opening plain URLs.


Changed for 1.1b1 on 8-Dec-1995:

  • Made URL window wider.
  • Added default Launch button, mapped return and enter to it.
  • Added preferences and preferences ui.
  • Made auto save so that it saves launchers.
  • Made option for launchers to be saved as plain URL text.
  • Added font and size settings.
  • Fixed bug in which opened files did not come up with base URL field in edit.


Changed for 1.0b5 on 17-Nov-1995:

  • Added ability to read files containing a single url only.
  • Added auto saving of dragged URL files to the desktop when drag is started or ended with shift key down. When name already exists save dialog is brought forward.
  • Added auto bringing up the save dialog when command key is held down.


Changed for 1.0b4 on 11-Nov-1995:

  • Added background event processing which should make quit Apple Event work correctly.
  • Added smarter event processing/sleeping so NetSnagger is kinder in foreground and gracious to a fault in the background.


Changed for 1.0b3 on 24-Oct-1995:

  • Changed alias resolution code which should fix problems some users have been having with double-clicking NetSnagger documents.


Changed for 1.0b2 on 14-Oct-1995:

  • Added window staggering for new windows.
  • Added optional window coordinates to file format. This is a non-backwards compatible change.
  • Added tests so that if saved coordinates are missing or invalid, window is placed as if new.

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