Debug Window

What is DebugWindow?

DebugWindow is a javascript file which implements a javascript window in which log message can be shown.


Debug window has been tested on the following Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows 5.5
  • Internet Explorer for Windows 6.0
  • Internet Explorer for Windows 6.1
  • Mozilla 1.4
  • Mozilla 1.5
  • Safari for MacOS X 1.2


Q: Why don’t you just use xbDebug instead?

A: xbDebug is a very good solution, but I was in a situation where the xbDebug license was incompatible.

Q: Why is the debug window not showing up?

A: First make sure you have any browser based popup blocking functionality turned off. DebugWindow output is disabled by default. After you have included the DebugWindow.js via a script tag, you must call


to enable debug output.

Q: Why am I having problems getting this to work under Mozilla 1.4 and later running off my local filesystem/using a file URL?

A: First make sure you have any browser based popup blocking functionality turned off. Mozilla no longer considers different files on local filesystem to belong to the same “site” from a security point of view. My suggestion is to use DebugWindow from an http based URL. There is also a way to disable the checking from Mozilla, but it is dangerous from a security standpoint.




April 20, 2004 – Version 0.3 – Added support for automatically concatinating multiple arguments to the Log function as a performance optimization.


March 19, 2004 – Version 0.2 –

    Broken IE Windows normalize crash bug workaround added.
  • Small optimization to way text is appended to window.
  • Fixed refresh issues with Mozilla and Safari.


March 17, 2004 – Version 0.1 – First public release

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