In addition to my full time Windows/UNIX/Linux/Java/JavaScript/Python/Perl/C++/VBScript/VB/C# development I have many other interests including MacOS development and computer languages. If my skill set interests you, check out my career and resume.

I also have happened across some very cool tools.


I have worked on a few small projects on my own, although my family, church, and full time job keep me busy.


DebugWindow – A JavaScript browser based tracing mechanism.


NetSnagger – a simple internet bookmark utility, developed in C++ using my own C++ GUI framework.

RmoreUrl – a Java Based simple utility with which a UNIX client (for example emacs running VM, an email client) can send a URL to a MacOS box which can them be opened in a browser.


Most of my profession carrer has been spent in UNIX based C++, C, Java, and Lisp development, web development, and a significant portion also being Windows. Check out my career for more info.

Here is some information on a now very old, Java Solaris JDK 1.1.1 RPC bug.

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