“Rod is one of the most talented developers I have ever worked with. After only a few weeks of joining my team, he became the most productive team member. Rod’s dedication to ‘doing things right’, is unsurpassed.”
— David Logan, Client/Server Development Manager, Coreintellect

“I’ve known Rod for more than 10 years. He is one of the best software developers I have seen (certainly in my top 5% of all computer science professionals). He is strong in every aspect of software development. He keeps his skills current and balanced. He is very well read and his experience provides an excellent foundation for technical leadership. These characteristics testify to his personal discipline and strong intellectual abilities. Beyond these, Rod enjoys a superb technical intuition — the best I have seen”
— Michael Higgs, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Austin College and Principal Consultant, Michael A. Higgs, Consulting

”Rod ranks among the most mature and well-rounded software engineers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His broad knowledge of operating systems and their tools made him our most versatile engineer. A good balance between working quickly and careful attention to details make Rod a great engineer to have on any team”
–Bob Gutekunst, VP Product Development, Coreintellect

”Rod does an exceptional job at designing and developing software and has strong communication skills. He is also fun to work with.”
–David Platzer, Director of Windows Software Development, Emcom Inc.

”Rod Morehead is an extraordinarily talented software developer and consultant. He quickly grasps and embraces new technology and applies it to the appropriate business solution. His greatest strength is in his ability to understand business requirements and then apply technology to develop a solution. He is a dedicated, hard working individual that any employer should enthusiastically embrace.”
— Cathryn C. Rheiner, Vice President CRM Sales, North America, PeopleSoft, Inc.

”Rod’s an incredibly productive developer – truly a stellar performer and a great addition to any project.”
— Joyce Wertheimer, former Director ofEngineering, Interleaf, Inc.

”Rod has a tenacious work ethic, a compassionate concern for his staff, a wonderful and subtle sense of humor, and an inspiring passion for his work. I enthusiastically give you my highest recommendation that you consider Rod for employment.”
— Jeff Campbell, Vice President of Software Engineering, epicRealm Inc.

”Rod was more than we hoped for. In addition to his excellent knowledge of Zope and Python, he proved equally adept and useful in other areas such as the latest Macintosh OS quirks and javascript. Equally important, he picked up the parameters of our projects – both technical and political – quickly and accurately, which meant that all our communications were clear and successful.”
–Larry Groebe, VP New Media, Insider Marketing

”Rod adds the unusual mix of talented programming, perseverance to get the job done, and imagination to help anyone appreciate that sometimes the avenue least explored is indeed the most clever way to get there.”
— Tom Dent, Business Development Manager, Adobe Systems Inc.

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